Purple Shampoo


Kermit said it’s not easy being green. Well, it’s not easy being blonde, either, but you don’t hear me complaining, do ya? Silly frog…

Well, as long as I am opening this up online – yes, it’s true. It isn’t easy being blonde.

One of the issues blondes have, whether natural or dyed, is that of harsh yellow tones creeping up on what is otherwise a mane of golden hair. When this happens, there are a few options. You could re-dye at home or at a salon, but messing too much with your hair within a certain amount of time – even with the best of products – could be potentially harmful. It also costs more money. You could shave it all off. Not your usual go-to method, but it is a practical and functional solution, if not too traditional. Another option is to use purple shampoo (Check out the review on MapleHolistics.com) to target the problematic areas. Ah, now there is a solution which appears to be less expensive, less of a hassle, and which could also serve as a preventive measure in the future. How does it achieve all that? Keep reading.

Violet (purple) and yellow are on opposite sides of the color spectrum, and when you apply violet dye to overly-yellow hair, it cancels the harsher yellow tones out and leaves it looking a lot closer to the original golden blonde color.

Purple shampoo also has its limits. It isn’t as if it will work if the dye is already losing its chemical hold on your hair. Dyes fade. It is their nature, and there is little merit to using purple shampoo on color which is losing its integrity anyway. At that point, it probably would be better to re-dye, either at home or at a salon.

Purple shampoo, like all shampoos and hair care products, comes in different shapes, sizes, brands, etc. You may have to try a few before you find one that fits your scalp and hair type. Once you do, you can then choose to either use it only if you see yellower streaks in your hair, or use it as a preventive treatment once or twice a month. Both of these practices are okay, but don’t overdo anything. Purple shampoo has potent dye in it, so make sure that you are using it as directed.

There is also the option of making your very own purple shampoo. There are different recipes available. All you need is some top tier purple dye, some pure castille soap, and any essential oils of your heart’s desire. Again, there is the idea that different oils work with different kinds of hair and scalp. If you decide to make your own shampoo, start light and small, and see how it affects you. Find a recipe which you can make properly, and get on top of it.

Purple shampoo really got into the mainstream in the 1990’s, and it continues to be a popular solution for brassy blondes. This is a money, time, and hair saver, and it can change your hair care routine for the better.

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